Antarctica® is an Canadian wool and footwear company dedicated to creating quality footwear and products. Our journey began in 1988.

In the first years of production were made in canada, but after 2002 production carried out in many countries like; China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Turkey Recognised as a global brand and with distribution around the world, Antarctica is an export success. They required a high profile, robust online presence that conveys the quality, brand-values and heritage associated with the Antactica brand. Launched in Feb 2010, the new Antarctica eCommerce store is aimed at people aged between 16-45 and especially families.

Being a footwear brand, Antarctica is popular in areas with four seasons or cool weather as footwear keeps people warm in winter. The vision for the new Web site was to stay true to the brand’s loyalty and heritage and demonstrate that through visual design and an easy to use platform.

GNK Group has continued it’s investments in worldwide, with the prestige and commercial success gained globally since 2000 and took Antarctica Boots in a strong and well known position in worldwide with franchise and own stores and Antarctica Boots products has been sold in more than 200 corners in all over the world.